Asics Hypersprint 7

Size Guide

Asics Hypersprint 7

Add 1.5 sizes to the men’s size to find equivalent size in women’s. eg 7 mens equals 8.5 womens.

Get your sprint on with the ASICS HYPER SPRINT 7 unisex track & field shoes, carefully engineered for short-distance sprinters.

This lightweight shoe has been made to allow you to reach top speeds, so lace up and feel the wind whipping through your hair. Faux leather offers a much better lockdown in the fore-to-midfoot area when compared to mesh constructions.

Combine this with the resin plate that improves propulsion and grip, and you’ve got everything you need for high velocity sprints without the fear of slipping. No-slip films have been carefully placed for an extra level of reinforcement and a secure fit in the upper, so this sturdy shoe will see you through many events and training sessions to come.

The sleek and streamlined graphic keeps things stylish and emphasises the speedy construction of this high-speed shoe. Hit the ground running and achieve your new personal best with this essential shoe for sprinters.



  • Lightweight faux leather construction
  • Resin plate for propulsion and grip
  • No-sew films for added reinforcement and a secure fit