Bindi Natural Sports Hydration 900G Tubs ( 3 flavours)

Size Guide

Imagine a natural sports drink giving you energy all day and still tasting good. Are you ready to train hard and race strong and not have to worry about cramping or gut issues?

Whether it’s a sports drink you need for work or play, you will feel like a true athlete using Bindi. With combined carbohydrates for sustained energy, and electrolytes to replace what you’re sweating out. You will never have to sweat out any nasty colours, flavours or preservatives with Bindi though.

Choose from our three amazing flavours

“Zesty Lemon and Lime” [you can drink this one all day, it’s not too sweet]

“Melon Mojo” [sooo refreshing and a taste sensation]

“Juicy Berry” [a full flavoured burst of sweet berries]

  • Increase performance by 40% with Maltodextrin and Fructose complex carbohydrates
  • Easy to digest and quickly absorbed
  • Higher salt for Australian conditions
  • Potassium and magnesium for nerve and muscle function
  • Can be used during exercise, to rehydrate after exercise or for carbohydrate loading prior to racing.
  • Each 30g serve is mixed with 500ml of water