Coros Pace 2 Multisport GPS

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The Pace 2 is the latest model to arrive from Coros. Coming in at a featherweight 29grams, the Pace 2 is the lightest GPS watch on the market. Coros have quickly gained a reputation for bosting some of the longest battery life available in wearable tech, the Pace 2 offers 20 days of regular use, 30 hrs in full GPS mode and 60 hrs in UltraMax GPS mode. 
So Light It Could Fly

At just 29g with the COROS nylon band, COROS PACE 2 is the lightest GPS watch in the world at its launch. Don’t let yourself get weighed down by more than you need, with the COROS PACE 2 you will be ready for your new personal best – be it in a race or in the weight room.

A Force to be Reckoned With

COROS PACE 2 has a 1.5x more powerful processor, offers 5x more RAM and 4x more storage than the original COROS PACE, leaving plenty of room for expanded features. COROS PACE 2 will be your training partner for the long haul.

Every Second Counts

We know that every second counts when you are racing for a new Personal Best, so COROS helps you spend less time struggling to get the important information you need. With a new design, featuring the COROS Digital Dial, COROS PACE 2 creates an even simpler user experience. Get your splits, check your HR or plan your next workout all using just one finger.

Packs a Punch

Thanks to the efficiency of COROS GPS battery technology, COROS PACE 2 offers 30 hours of full GPS battery life. That’s a 20% increase from the original COROS PACE. If you need a little extra life, switch to UltraMax mode when the watch has low battery remaining.

Endurance onYour Wrist

COROS PACE 2 offers 20 days of daily use. That’s 20 days of tracking heart rate and sleeping, triggering backlight, measuring steps, getting notifications and even alarms every day. So, leave your charger behind, and travel for your next race, game or family vacation with confidence.

Light up the Night’s Sky

Night Mode is our always-on mode for nighttime activities. It leaves the backlight on for the entirety of your workout. A light bright enough so your eyes can adjust and read in the dark but dim enough to maintain superior battery performance throughout your run or ride, even when needed all night long. Don’t worry, it turns off automatically when you finish your workout.

Laps on Landor in the Sea

Whether you are swimming in the pool, or training in the ocean, with a 50-meter water proof rating, you can wear COROS PACE 2 to track your activities in the water as well as on land.

New Possibilities

With a roughly 50% weight reduction from the silicone band, the COROS Nylon Watch Band is more breathable and offers new color options, giving you endless opportunities to make your own personal statement. The Nylon bands will also allow for a more comfortable and snug fit which should improve the already strong heart rate accuracy, especially during long sweaty workouts on warm days.

Other features include:

- Built-in Power metrics from the wrist plus native and complete integration with Stryd power meters

- 24/7 heart rate monitoring with sleep tracking

- 50-meter waterproof rating

- Digital Dial for easy one-finger operation

- Advanced training analysis and recovery recommendations

- Interval, structured, and strength training

- Intelligent Stride model that learns your running form

- Built-in barometer, altimeter, and compass

- GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU satellite connections (Galileo via future firmware update)

- ANT+/Bluetooth for accessories, Bluetooth for smartphone only

- Fully customizable data screen


Product code: PACE2

Suitable for: Run, Indoor Run, Track Run, Bike, Indoor Bike, Pool Swim, Open Water, Triathlon, Gym Cardio, GPS Cardio, Strength, Training

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Green with Silicon Strap
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