Infinit Jet Fuel - Caffine boost - Sachels Lemon/lime 61g

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Infinit JET FUEL Single Serving

:JET FUEL takes your performance to the next level. Specifically formulated to meet all the demands of a short course athlete, :JET FUEL incorporates 125mg of caffeine to give you that energy hit when you need it most. :JET FUEL contains INFINIT glucose for energy and faster absorption, together with long chain polymers and medium electrolytes to eliminate any cramping or stomach distress during anaerobic efforts.

:JET FUEL tastes great, even warm and will not sour in the heat. Remember, most everything tastes fine while sitting on the couch. The real test is how does it taste long into a workout and after it is warm. If it is not drinkable, you will not get the calories and electrolytes needed to perform your best.

100% all natural ingredients with zero artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours.

:JET FUEL can also be customised to your liking. Want to change the flavour or up the electrolytes? Simply click on the "Customise It" link to create your very own personalised mix.

One Drink.....Infinit Possibilities