Mizuno X Blast Elite 3 Spike

Size Guide


Mens Sizing. For womens sizing add 1.5 sizes eg 7 mens equals 8.5 womens

Men's sizing is 1.5 sizes smaller that womens sizing. Men's 7 is equal to Womens 8.5.

Coral x White x Black

Upper material: synthetic fiber x artificial leather

Bottom material: Synthetic bottom

A sense of prepulsion like being blown by a blast. Model for short sprints.

○Sole plate

・New BLAST plate

The insert resin of the forefoot was changed to a harder one than the previous one. Also, you can change it to a replacement pin and change the pin according to the condition and event at that time.


・New Woven Upper

Adopting a new design woven upper with excellent light weight and holdability, it is lightweight and prevents blurring when driving at high speed.

In addition, the weight increased by making it a replaceable pin is offset by the weight reduction of the upper.

Weight: about 160g (27.0cm)

Sole features

Spike pin: Replaceable: 8ZA303 (7mm)

Use and purpose

All-weather track only/for short-distance


Wrench: 8ZA309