Nike Academy Team Ball

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Nike Academy team ball

With stabilising grooves shaped into the surface for a more consistent flight, you can place the Nike Academy Team 21 IMS Football in WhiteBlackVolt exactly where you want to, helping you to score goals on your way to victory. The Nike Academy Team 21 IMS Football uses a reinforced rubber bladder to maintain air pressure and shape and uses high contrast graphics to let you track the ball and its spin. Aerowsculpt technology helps with your accuracy by using moulded grooves for a consistent flight and a textured casing provides superior touch and feel. 60 Rubber15 Polyurethane13 Polyester12 EVA.Nike Aerowsculpt technology uses moulded grooves for more consistent flight.Textured casing gives you great touch and feel.Reinforced rubber bladder helps maintain air pressure and shape.