Omnilite Ceramic 7MM X-Tree Spikes multiple colours

Size Guide

Omnilite Ceramic X-Tree Spikes, 7mm, 16 per pack

X-tree spikes depresses the tartan rather than sticking in the tartan

  • The Ultra-Lite ceramic spike is designed to provide athletes with a lightweight product that feels good on the track and maximizes energy returned to the athlete by compressing the track rather than cutting it. The useful life of the product can be extended significantly by avoiding concrete.
  • When inserting spikes with a standard spike wrench there's no need to overtighten. A snug fit is satisfactory given the nature of the ceramic spike. Check each spike prior to each outing.
  • As the ceramic spike will not rust, removal of it should be easier than removing a steel spike. If removal is unsuccessful with a standard wrench the following tools will help:
      • needle nose locking pliers
      • a file
  • As in the removal of a steel spike, attach the locking pliers tightly across the flats of the spike. The locking pliers should be attached near their handle, not near the thin tip. After achieving a firm grip, rotate counterclockwise until the spike begins to rotate out. If a firm purchase is not possible on the spike, use the file to carefully create a smooth section on each flat area. Remove a minimum amount of material to allow for successive attempts with the locking pliers.