Orange Mud Endurance Pack 3.0

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Orange Mud Endurance Pack 3.0

A few cool updates to our best selling pack. The new 3.0 has new and improved nylon chest straps that are more rigid compared to the elastic straps on version 2.0. Reflective material has also been added to back of the pack. The drawstring on the front chest pockets is also made out of a more rigid material compared to the shock cord on 2.0. 

Overall, a few awesome adjustments to our best selling pack to make it even more amazing! 

2L Bladder, 4L Cargo

Ideal for Running or Mountain Biking almost any distance

A highly breathable and durable mesh yields maximum heat release in a tough package

4 front pockets and 2 shoulder pockets allow for quick access of your essentials on the fly

Extremely stable on your body providing a "no bounce" fit, perfect for Mountain Biking and Trail Running

OSFA - One Size Fits All

New 3.0 comes in a slick all Black and all White version so you'll be the coolest kid on the trails! :)