Orange Mud Gear Vest 3.0

Size Guide

Orange Mud Gear Vest 3.0

Looking for a small pack that can still hold 1L of fluids, a plus size phone, 2 front pockets for soft flasks or other gear, and shoulder pockets for food and essentials? This is the pack! It's tiny size is wide ranging in fit, and high performance for tackling everything from a short run, marathon, triathlon, endurance ride and more. 

What's different with version 2.0 & 3.0? Version 3.0 has - 

- Solid, non-stretchy nylon straps on the front chest adjustments for a cinch tight non-  slip fit

- We've added a structurally tough elastic in the back of the side webbing for just a bit of stretch to conform with chest breathing while still maintaining stability

- Trekking pole anchor points are in the front of the pack, as well as the back

- Added hang loop for hanging the pack up

- Change to elastic strap retainers on the side from rigid plastic

The key to fit: Cinch the side straps first, not the front, until you feel the pack anchor on your shoulders. Then adjust the front harness as needed so you can breathe during movement. 

During any sport the Gear Vest is extremely stable to torsional, up and down, and fast movements. It tracks with your body and is very comfortable to wear. Storage up front is designed around 500ml or 600ml soft flasks. 

- Weight without bladder: 252grams

- Bladder size: 1L (included with your pack)

- Sport focus: Trail & Ultra-Running, Marathon, Mountain Biking, Triathlon, Hiking, SUP and Skiing

- Made: Vietnam

 One Size Fits All