BindiLyte 120g Tubs ( 2 flavours)

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Packed with essential electrolytes, Bindilyte delivers clean and natural hydration in our delicious 99% sugar-free formula.

Bindilyte is simply our custom Bindi electrolytes without the carbs.

Everybody needs electrolytes to function. But we’re not all running a marathon each day, and so don’t need the carbs in a sports drink.

So, if you are weight conscious, cutting back on sugar, or are simply looking for natural electrolytes to replenish and hydrate you, then Bindilyte is the one for you.

Use it anytime, anyplace to hydrate and feel great.

Choose from two bangin’ flavours:  

💜 Blackcurrant Burst combines the zing of real fruits such as dried elderberry & blackcurrant powders, together with natural blackcurrant flavour for a fresh and delicious kick.

🌴 Tropical Crush is a delicious blend of dried pineapple and carrot juice powders along with natural pineapple & orange flavour for a full and fruity summertime taste.


✔️ BINDILYTE is Australian Made ✔️ Easy To Absorb ✔️ 99% sugar free  ✔️Natural Flavours ✔️Essential Electrolytes [Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium & Calcium] ✔️Low Carb ✔️Gluten Free ✔️Ultimate Hydration 


✔️ For every day use ✔️ For rehydration and replenishment ✔️ Use in lighter training sessions✔️Add 1 teaspoon (6g)  to 500ml water ✔️Ideal for gym / work place / recreation / kid’s sport ✔️ 120g tub contains 20 serves