Muve Growler Bottle 1.9L

Size Guide
Muve Giant Bottle 1.9L

Our new Growler is basically a portable water tank!

This triple walled & vacuum insulated bottle is the ideal size to take to the beach, camping, or out on work sites where you may not have easy or constant access to water stations. Like all MUVE products, this will hold extreme temperatures for 24 hours cold or 12 hours hot.

The Growler comes with a stainless wide mouth lid and silicone loop handle. Our wide mouth design means you can choose from multiple accessories and lids!

Pair your Growler with our tea/fruit strainer to create infused and chilled waters for the summer time and enjoy at the beach or on a picnic with the family! Use our narrow mouth lid to make it even easier to poor or drink on the go!

Bottle Dimensions: 

  • Volume - 64oz / 1.9L
  • Diameter (Wide Mouth) - 5.5cm
  • Diameter (Base) - 12.5cm
  • Height (no lid) - 22cm
  • Height (with Lid) - 26cm
  • Weight - 849g