Orthomovement Wrap Tape

Size Guide
OrthoMovement Wrap Tape
• INCREASES SUPPORT AND STABILITY -in sports and for medical use.
• NATURAL STICKYNESS – The medical grade non-woven fabric and natural latex
results in a supreme stickiness so the wrap can be worn directly on the skin
without causing irritation. The fabric also gives a natural ventilation.
• EASY USAGE & STRETCHY COMFORT – The spandex material gives the wrap its
stretchy and soft ability making it easy to wrap without stopping the blood
circulation. It can easily be torn without the aid of scissors.
• MULTI USAGE – To hold your pads or socks in place for various sports. Also,
perfect for medical use when injured. Suitable for use on areas such as ankle,
knee, wrist and finger.
• $20 RRP per 3 pack