Rock Band

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RockBands are our take on a durable, affordable resistance band for rehabilitation and mobility.  Available in 5 resistances, they include a thorough movement booklet with corrective exercises. 

Detailed Instructions - Included with every RockBand is our new Movement Manifesto, which features a multitude of RockBand focussed corrective mobility exercises and tips.  See below for more detail under Added Bonus.

Rehab or Exercise - Not just for rehabilitation, RockBands make convenient exercise tools for travel, or to scale common body weight movements at the gym.

Five Resistances - RockBands are 105 centimetres long and are available in five different resistances, from extra light to extra heavy.  They are colour coded for quick identification.

  1. Green - extra light, 15 kilograms - cost $30
  2. Grey - light, 25 kilograms - cost $40
  3. Black - medium, 35 kilograms - cost $50
  4. Red - heavy, 55 kilograms - cost $60
  5. Blue - extra heavy, 75 kilograms - cost $70

The weights referred to above is the weight required to double the length of the loop when anchored at one point.  

Added Bonus - Every RockBand includes a special Movement Manifesto, a booklet that contains valuable information to educate users on the following:

  • How to use RockBands.
  • Detailed movements and exercises
  • Helpful hints about the best ways to use RockBands
  • Breathing and proper alignment
  • Differentiating pain from discomfort.
  • A full reference section that will appeal to medical professionals interested in learning more about movement techniques.


  • 105 centimetres in loop
  • Five resistance levels
  • Packaged one band at selected resistance
  • 100% latex