Wooden Discus

Size Guide

    Alliance Wooden Discus conforms to WA specifications. Available in 4 different weights. Hollow wood side plates & high quality rims.

    The rim weight is the percentage of the entire weight of the discus that is comprised of the rim. So if you have a 1kg discus that is 75% rim weight, that means the rim weighs .75 g & everything else that makes up the discus weighs .25g, in total 1KG (but the rim is 75% of the total weight)

    Pop your wooden discus in this heavy duty discus carry bag.


    • 80% rim weight
    • High quality alloy rims
    • Hollow wood side plates
    • Conforms to WA specifications
    • Available in weights:
      • 2000G (2KG)
      • 1750G (1.75KG)
      • 1500G (1.5KG)
      • 1000G (1KG)

Postage is by Standard Postage or Courier due to weight of item. Extra Postage charges might be needed